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Shell, the international energy corporation, has expertise in exploration, production, refining and marketing of oil and natural gas as well of marketing of chemicals.

Shell also seeks to power progress towards a sustainable energy future, through investments in advanced technologies an alternative low-carbon fuel sources such as advanced biofuels and hydrogen.

Tackling climate change is one of the world’s most pressing challenges today. Ambitious policy shifts and net-zero targets have been set across governments and private institutions alike as the world comes together to tackle global warming. Technologies such as offshore wind and solar are set to be key aspects of a carbon-neutral future, however, it has become clear that renewable sources alone cannot power a successful transition.

In recent years, hydrogen has stood out as a potential keystone of a successful energy transition – particularly in enabling long-duration energy storage, and decarbonising industries such as transport, heating, and heavy industries. Backed by years of research and functional experience, Shell has made hydrogen a key aspect of its investment and energy transition strategy.

Hydrogen, whether green or blue, quickly emerged as one of the most discussed and most-debated topics across the global energy sector. In such a crowded market, Shell was faced with the challenge of how to move this conversation forward amongst key audiences in the energy industry.

The Recharge Power Podcast:
The Future of Hydrogen (sponsored by Shell)

Highlighting commitment around hydrogen

Moving towards commercialisation of renewable hydrogen, Shell needed a way to engage with those seeking out leadership in the hydrogen space. Backed by sister title Upstream and co-branded Accelerate, Recharge’s unique audience provided a direct, centralised way to reach Shell’s target audience.

The challenge Shell was facing was how to continue to move the conversation forward in a crowded market place where many people are having a similar conversation in different places. We wanted to create the podcast in order to challenge some of the accepted assumptions around hydrogen and to give a new look to the conversation about how the market will develop with perspective from both inside and outside of Shell.

Shell and Recharge collaborated to create The Power Station Podcast, to give a fresh look to the hydrogen conversation by providing market perspectives from both inside and outside Shell. The podcast challenges accepted assumptions around hydrogen, and highlights Shell’s commitment by identifying key actions to support the breadth of the industry.