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Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is a leading classification society in the shipping industry. Their classification services support safe vessel construction and operations and help ensure ships and vessels meet regulatory requirements.

The global cruise industry was one of the hardest hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With travel restrictions beginning to ease in the spring of ’21, the question “Is it safe to take a cruise?” was top of mind for health officials, crews and passengers alike. In response, Bureau Veritas developed standardized protocols for crew and passenger safety through its new Biorisk notations.

On the consumer side, these notations provide confidence to passengers that proper health and virus prevention measures are in place on the vessels they are traveling on. For owners and operators, acquiring these notations means reactivating idle tonnage and restarting their business. Bureau Veritas needed an actionable way to bring their Biorisk solutions to key decision makers in maritime and recognized that TradeWinds was the platform to do that. 

Promoting thought leadership

Bureau Veritas wanted to bring these new products to market with more than just a typical press release, while also highlighting how their expertise across other industries fueled the development of these notations.

We created a multi-channel campaign distributed through TradeWinds, ensuring their new product was top-of-mind for cruise owners and managers aiming to restart their business. The core of the campaign was a sponsored content article aimed at driving engagement with their target audience. Supporting this article were a series of interviews with Bureau Veritas executives who played pivotal roles in shaping these new notations.

Successful engagement between Bureau Veritas and their intended audience was achieved through the efficient use of different content types and audience touchpoints with video ads before and after the campaign was live. Both the video and written content continue to drive results for Bureau Veritas.